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engaging circus classes for kids of all ages and abilities

Circus is the ultimate activity for all ages. Equally enjoyed by boys and girls, it challenges kids in a safe environment – teaching resilience and building confidence like no other activity. It's unique blend of art and physical activity makes it appealing to both “sporty” and “not-so-sporty” kids!

We have a range of classes for all ages and abilities, in Moorabbin.
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Circus Kids (ages 5-12)

Finding a healthy balance of fun and learning for your child can be difficult… especially when your child only wants to do the fun things!

But don’t worry – our “Circus Kids” classes are designed for ages 5-12, and combine huge doses of fun with large helpings of learning.

As well as teaching your child a completely unique set of skills they’ll be insanely proud of, our program boosts concentration at school, builds resilience and encourages teamwork.


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5-7 Year Olds

Our 5-7 program is designed to help children develop essential physical and social skills at the early stages of primary school. It provides a perfect balance of high energy group activities and more thoughtful, individual skill learning.

8-12 Year Olds

Our mid- and upper primary students get everything the 5-7’s do, and then some!

They experience the full range of skills available at our studio, including Unicycles, Stilts and Aerial. As well as group activities, they are given an opportunity to focus more on the skills they love. You’ll be amazed at how good they can get with practice!

Features & Benefits


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“My daughter loved the class! In fact, she wants to come every day instead of going to kinder!!!”

happy mum

“I've just re-enrolled my son for circus classes. I am so impressed with his juggling and other skills you have taught him. He's not a "sporty" kid, but he loves his circus on a Saturday!”

happy mum