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Why We Love… School Concerts!

Why We Love… School Concerts!

Here at Little Devils Circus we love school concerts. 

We know what goes into making a concert fun, fantastic and memorable (for all the right reasons!). They are a big deal for the students, teachers and parents, and involve a lot of preparation, dedication, and hard work. 

Whether you are putting on a concert for a few year-levels, doing a full school showcasing of skills, or a large scale performance, here are some of aspects that will need attention: 

Venue and seating:

  • How large is your audience going to be?
  • Does it have enough green rooms (or areas to store the stars)?
  • How easy is it to get the students from waiting areas to the stage?


  • Does your show venue have a great lighting rig?
  • Does it have a lighting desk?
  • Do you need a lighting technician?
  • Do you have a lighting plan for each scene?


  • What genres/styles are you going to use?
  • Do you have a sound system?
  • What will the music be played on? Do you have a backup device?


  • How many students are you putting in costume?
  • What sizes do you need and where are you getting them?


  • How are the classes involved moving around backstage?
  • Where is everyone standing for their performance?


  • How are the students moving on, off and around the stage?
  • Have you booked a dress rehearsal, so that students can practice with lights and music, in the space?

These are just a few of the features that will need to be right to make a concert a success. If this sounds like a lot of work, it is! But it is definitely worth it when you see the final product and all those happy smiling faces. (Parents, teachers and students!) 

Here at Little Devils, we have a team of seasoned experts who relish the chance to make amazing school concerts! When a Little Devils trainer is planning and running a school concert, you will have someone who is dedicated to putting on the best performance possible.

We guarantee, that in a Little Devils Circus school concert:

  • Everyone gets a chance to shine
  • Every student gets “front of stage” focus
  • Every students is involved; our concert are fully inclusive and are fantastic for every year level
  • The costumes, music and the entire creative process is provided for you
  • We will bring your whole school community together in an unforgettable event

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for your school concert, contact Louise at and let us do all the leg work!

More info about our Concert programs here.



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