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Aerial Equipment Upgrade

Aerial Equipment Upgrade

Aerial skills such as Trapeze, Silks and Lyra have always been in high demand at Little Devils.
And why wouldn't they be - most everyone loves hanging off things!
And it's not something you can do at home (well, we wouldn't recommendf it!)

Since the studio's opening back in 2006, we have been including aerial equipment as much as possible in our classes. However, we've been limited by the way the roof of our building is designed - with only one structural beam to hang things on.

This week we are having the biggest upgrade since opening!
A brand new truss is being installed, which will DOUBLE the amount of aerial equipment we can use at any given time. It's been a long time coming, and we are super excited about this project!

What this mean for you: more fun things hanging from the roof!

Not only will we be able to offer more aerial specialty classes; this will be hugely beneficial to all classes - from Tinies to Teens.
All programs will be redeveloped for 2019, to take advantage of the new equipment and give you more of the things you love doing.

Come fly with us!

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