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fun at the little devils open day

fun at the little devils open day

It was a lovely weekend in January. The sun was out, the BBQ was fired up, and the Little Devils Circus crew were throwing a party!
Our resident face-painter created many a wild animal and magical fairies, and soon the space was filled with wonderful creatures – all doing circus!
And what a selection of activities there were. From Juggling to Hoops, and Trapeze to Devilsticks, big kids and little kids alike all had a go. The workshops ran all day, and culminated in several contests…

The Contests
First we had the ‘3 Object Endurance’ – Who could juggle the longest?
Followed by the ‘Hula Hoop Endurance’ – Who could Hula Hoop the longest?
And culminating with the ‘Object Balance Endurance’ – Who could balance a Spinning Plate the longest?
There could be only one winner, or so we thought! In almost every contest the competition was so fierce that the judges had to declare a draw. Prizes for everyone!

The Raffles
Then we had our raffle draws. The tickets box was overflowing, and the prizes much sought after. Juggling balls, tail poi, hoops and holiday program vouchers were just some of the treasures distribute. Congratulations to our lucky winners!

The Performances
The highlight of both days was the performances. At our Moorabbin studio we Brooke Duckworth, representing the National Institute of Circus Arts, with a beautiful performance on the silks. We also had Miss Latonya, direct from the Spaceless Circus with an amazing display of Hula Hooping. At our Box Hill studio our very own Louisse Linney display an incredible cat-based silks performance, as well as Steven Finnegan, also from the National Institute of Circus Arts, perform a world-class Hand-Balancing act. And at both studios our Operations Manager, Ben Pullan, and our trainer Oscar Ford, performed a fantastic ‘Juggle Workout’.
A big thank you to all of our performers, and we hope that they inspired those watching to strive for greater heights (pun intended!).

And of course, an even bigger thank you to all who came and enjoyed the day and shared the fun with us here at Little Devils Circus!


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