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Helpful Hints from the Little Devils Crew

Helpful Hints from the Little Devils Crew

Happy New Year!
A very warm welcome to both our re-enrolling students, and those joining for the first time :)

In the spirit of new beginnings, here at Little Devils Circus we’ve decided to help out any parents facing that exciting and scary time – The First Day at School! So, in no particular order of importance, here are some tips to help you and your child through the first days and weeks at your new school.

  • Have an expedition to the shops to buy their school stuff like stationery, socks, shoes and pencil cases and get them to help you write the list. And make it a fun day out; let them choose what they want and constantly build up the excitement of getting to use and wear it all.
  • Draw up a school-day schedule. Children love routines and when they start school their usual routine will change. Work with them to write up a daily routine and discuss with them how the day will work.
  • Meet and chat to at least one ‘new’ parent. You’ll have a lot in common over the next seven years – and it’ll be very valuable to have an ally who’s going through the same process as you.
  • Label everything. And I mean, everything. Have all books and copies contact-covered to keep them clean – but try to avoid the opaque covers where the child won’t recognise what book is underneath. The only way a teacher can get 30 four-year-olds to pick out the right book is by holding it up and saying ‘Take out this book, boys and girls’. If the front of the book is covered up, the child won’t recognise it.
  • Empty the child’s bag everyday – especially in the first few days, where notes and envelopes may be sent home.
  • Focus on fun. If you escort your child to school, check out the playground before you go in. Meet the teacher together and take a look around the new classroom for things you know he enjoys, like art supplies, a fish tank, or the reading corner.
  • Ask the teacher for help. If your child won’t let you go, turn to the teacher. She probably has a lot of experience with this. You might say, “Let’s go say hello to your teacher together. She will take great care of you.”

We hope this provides a little assistance to anyone taking their little one into school for the first time this year, and we look forward to seeing everyone for our first classes!

The Little Devils Crew


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